At BondFire Ranch, we adore our horses; they give us their friendship, love and dedication every day, and for that we are always thankful. Due to the costs associated with their care, we hope to have a minimum of two or three sponsors per horse. If you, your family, business, or any group or organization would like to sponsor one of our amazing therapy horses, please contact us for details.


Walker – our Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding joined the herd from Heartland Equestrian Center in Frederica,
Delaware. He was trained by our Vice President (VP) Mason Platzke and ran barrels and poles in his earlier years.


Mojito – our Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding joined the herd from Maryland where he participated in a collegiate riding program. He was also training by VP and loves to run. Mason and Mojito participated in the Maryland Jousting Tournament Association.


Beautiful – our Medicine Hat Mare join the herd, after being rescued from an action in Maryland, by Stacy Ann (one of our followers). She is our gentle and sweet girl who loves to be groomed and little ones to love on her.


Hannah - a beautiful cow print Quarter horse. She is our smallest horse and our most senior, at 22 years. Even though she’s the oldest of the herd she has plenty of gettie up and go. In her short time here, Hannah has become a favorite seat for our youngest member! Hannah has great ground manners and is a perfect pony!


Braveheart, a.k.a. Brave - the biggest flirt in the herd. She is the younger sister of our black beauties. Brave is also a love bug / pocket pony. She has a huge heart and the larger white star. We look forward to her getting back into shape and flying like the wind!


Beauty - the older sister to Braveheart. She’s the only momma of the bunch and the alfa of our girls. She has a smaller star and a beautiful shiny black coat. She is strong willed and can be a great ride. She is well loved and a good girl.

Who will our next herd member be? If you would like to donate your horse to Bondfire, please complete our Donation Inquiry Form. There are many factors that we consider when accepting a donated horse, please note that your completion of this document does not guarantee that your horse will be accepted by BondFire. We only accept sound horses with a clean bill of health into the program.